What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

"Thank you for all of your care and enrichment of my children's lives over the past four+ years, and for your countless kindnesses and immeasurable support of me.  We are very fond of you at our house, and we refer to the Songbird music as "Connie music."  Thank you so much for making all of our lives richer and better.  In the time I have known you, you have consistently demonstrated the best side of humanity and what it means to be a community... you and your program are such a beacon of hope during our dark times right now.  Thank you, Jenny"
"Thank you so much for offering these online classes. I hope you continue through the closures. You are fantastic with kids in person and it translates really well virtually. If more sessions are offered, we will definitely sign up." Andrea

"I had the CD on in the car yesterday and my 11 month old son was happy as a clam, slapping his leg to the music and clapping." A new Music Together® mom 

I would like to put in a pitch for Connie's Songbird class. My kids absolutely loved it. Connie is smart and funny and kind, and the curriculum is wonderful. It develops rhythm and collaboration, and explores musical instruments from diverse cultures and artistic disciplines. You get CDs to play in the car and at home in between classes (which years later we still enjoy). To top it off, it's very affordable. I highly recommend it. Thanks Connie!

 "Music Together has been a wonderful way to spend time with my daughter and connect with other families. The music has been a sweet bond that has brought out her joy for rhythm and song. It's good to get us parents and caregivers up dancing and being silly too. Connie has a wonderful way of making people feel at ease and welcomes the individuality of each child." Heather

"Music Together helps foster engaging activities at home, as the child's new confidence in making and creating sound grows." Debra

"Songbird Music Together is one of the highlights of our week and Connie is one of our favorite people! We love the time we spend with her making music each week. It is a sweet time that I get to spend with my 1 and 3 year old sons - singing, dancing, laughing, working on rhythm. I couldn't recommend this class more." Michelle

"Every time I play either CD at home from the class, Noah gets a huge smile on his face and stops what he is doing to dance. It is so adorable and I can tell already that he loves music!" Mindy

The teen moms in the Songbird Music Together classes at South Lake High School had these comments:

"My daughter started daycare at South Lake High School when she was one and a half months old. She is four months now and starting to be able to be more engaged, active with the other children, she smiles a lot when kids are singing songs and playing instruments. The other kids love to see her participate in the activities that they are doing. This program is helping my daughter develop more and more motor skills. I get to go home and sing the new songs we learn with my daughter and I know one day my daughter will be able to catch on and sing the songs with me."


"I think this program benefits my daughter because she sings the songs that she learns outside of school. Every visit we have with the music program my daughter gets really excited. She actually sits in a circle and pays attention to what is going on around her. Most toddlers her age tend to not sit in a circle for an hour because they will loose interest in the task he/she is doing. The music program keeps them focused and this is something that they enjoy doing. I actually sing the songs with her outside of school."